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Teaching Philosophy

“Progressive, holistic education, ‘engaged pedagogy’ is more demanding than conventional critical or feminist pedagogy. For, unlike these two teaching practices, it emphasizes wellbeing. That means that teachers must be actively committed to a process of self-actualization that promotes their own wellbeing if they are to teach in a manner that empowers students.” 

– bell hooks, Teaching to Transgress


Teaching is about removing our mask of educational distinction to allow the semi-permeability exchange process of idea transaction. As an educator, I see myself as a guide to the treasure map of the uncharted territories of educational exploration, self-efficacy, and authentic holistic transformation. This includes supporting learners in seeing how their learning goals could translate to other academic, social, political, and communal spaces. I see learners as co-creators in the classroom, and I champion their success beyond our time together. I carefully try to cultivate learning communities that see the wholeness of each person. Teaching for me extends beyond any classroom; it is about taking into consideration the totality of a learner’s lived experience and education journey. This notion of personhood concern extends beyond the students in the classroom. Our environment is undergirded in the reality that life happens, and life will continue to happen. And our learning community is a space for students to learn the necessary skills and competencies of our curriculum while navigating the nuances of social concerns and justice. Our work must live beyond any classroom. It must matter. And for my learning communities, we do just that. Idealistically, I see our learning environments as places to forecast visions of a better tomorrow while interrogating the reality of today. 

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student experiences

“The Power in Their Narrative” – Office of Institutional Equity, Effectiveness and Success



In response to the “The Power in Their Narrative” article, VCU President, Dr. Michael Rao sent this commendation -


“[Dr. Nasim] recently shared the feature article about you and your students on the Inclusive Excellence website with me. We are deeply touched by your unique experiences during this global pandemic and, no doubt, we will emerge to a world vastly different from the one we left several months ago. While our community begins its own road to recovery together, stories like yours serve as a reminder of our students’ resiliency in the face of adversity.

I am especially inspired by the way you motivated each of the students to "advocate for themselves and for each other, in order to get through this crisis.” It is important for everyone in our community to hear from each other and how we have all been affected by the health crisis, so that we can learn from them and move forward together. Thank you for amplifying our student voices and for your leadership both inside and outside the classroom.”

The VCU’s Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence created the "Thank a Professor" initiative for students, alumni, VCU colleagues, or students' family members to submit a message of gratitude. Here are some selected students’ comments -



Thank you, Ms. B, for being a part of my freshman professors for the two semesters... You are a humble, passionate Professor who seeks to help us in our education. I have been always scared to write essays and you helped me to become confident by giving me feedbacks about what are my strengths and weaknesses. I love that you always there when needed especially in these difficult times. I am very fortunate to have you plus I have gain[ed] many strategies plus knowledge from you I wish I could've continue having you.


Catherine, UNIV 111/UNIV 112


You never failed to make class interesting. I didn't really know what to expect out of our class when it first began, but I have come out of it with many valuable lessons. You were my favorite professor during my freshman year, and one of my favorite teachers throughout my life so far. 


Anna, UNIV 111/UNIV 112

press for Perfect Love Community Youth Theatre –

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