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As a writer, artist, and editor...

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As a writer and editor, I am passionate about storytelling. My storytelling style is rooted in the concept of Sanfoka while intertwining hip hop cultural artifacts to reflect on the historical, familial, and community stories, folktales, and lore that shape, undergird, and propel generations forward through written, audio, and visual platforms.

As an educator with experience teaching writing and communication, I support students as they reflect and share their stories through various creative outlets, from theatrical productions to personal narrative writing to multimedia productions. In this learning process, I guide students in celebrating and reflecting on the beauty of the mundane. I support students in those moments that seem trivial or uninteresting, seeing what larger significance and life lessons arise from reflecting on those moments. To complement this work, I have guided young people in adapting fairy tales for a Black youth aesthetic from the writing through production phases through this passion.

Additionally, I have experience working with publications and academic units to examine current policies and practices while implementing authentic and realistic inclusive and diverse guides, communication materials, and curriculum.

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As Featured In… 

The Journal of American Folklore

Guest Co-Editor and Author of "Introduction"

Vol. 134, No. 534, Fall 2021

African American Expressive Culture, Protest, Imagination, and Dreams of Blackness

Image of the special issue of Journal of American Folklore



Can love and independence coexist?

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The Educator's Room Presents

Podcast Guest

The Teacher Self-Care Podcast

By Teacher Self-Care Podcast


Episode 138: How Therapy and Being a Virtual Audience Member Saved My Mental Well-Being

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Television Academy Foundation

TV Development Intern

Host Site: The Jim Henson Company

Television Academy Foundation Intern Section for Tanya Boucicaut

Untethered: Homecoming 2020



"From Therapy to Therapy"

Image of The Untethered Homecoming 2020 production logo

United Against Racism: Churches for Change

Image of the front cover of the United Against Racism: Churches for Change book


"Where are the Black Directors in RVA?" 

Image of a stock theatre actor photo with a maroon robe and a crown

Focused Inquiry Professor Writes Educational Video With TED-Ed on Acclaimed Novel 

Screenshot of the University College article about Tanya Boucicaut's TED-Ed

Virginia Beach Woman To Intern At The Jim Henson Company

Screenshot of the Patch article about Internship at the Jim Henson Company

Folklore studies program leads anti-racism initiative in Folklore Studies

George Mason University Folklore Studies

Screen Shot of the George Mason University article about the Folklore Studies Program Anti-Racism Initiative

Princeton Theological Seminary 

Screen Shot of Princeton Theological Instagram Feature

Virginia commonwealth university 

Image of VCU's Tweet about Tanya Boucicaut's TED-ED Lesson
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